The Spirit of Northern California

Moving to California

It felt like Rachel and I left Minnesota in kind of a rush, even though we had been talking about moving to Northern California for the better part of a year.

We strategized. We planned. We scrapped all of our plans and built new ones. We even moved Rachel out to Santa Rosa for a few months to scout the area and try to find a job. We failed in finding her a gig that would help offset the Sonoma lifestyle while she was living there.

But we didn’t fail completely. After Rachel’s experimental move, we were so set on heading west that we made it happen, though we didn’t move to Santa Rosa. Instead, we moved to Folsom for more opportunity and a more manageable cost of living. Much more manageable.

Neither of us have ever lived outside of Minnesota. I had barely lived outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (does college even count?), and Rachel never had. But in the end, we sold the house, sold a car, gave away a LOT of stuff, and packed the rest into a couple of PODS and our little U-Haul trailer.

We spent a week traveling through some of the most desolate country I’d ever seen. We drove The Loneliest Road in America – Route 50 – through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, all the way to Folsom. In the end, the trip totaled over 40 hours of driving on 2,100 miles of road, all with a couple of dogs in the back seat.

I felt cool for taking the risk. I still do. Hell, I’m in WINE COUNTRY… or at least I’m wine country adjacent! I’m not even sure how “wine country” works around here, as it seems like pretty much everywhere is growing grapes.

I guess we’ll find out.